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Anna Miller"Thank you for the continuous support and encouragement. I could not have completed college without your help. You not only provided me with the education I needed but you also freed my parents of the financial burden of college.

Thank you also for allowing me to have the opportunity to attend various events you have hosted. This helped me gain self confidence and encouraged me to keep pushing forward. Thank you again Kids' Chance for understanding and providing me an opportunity for a brighter future."   Anna Jo Lynn Miller



"Nursing is an art; and if it is to be made an art, it requires as exclusive a devotion, as hard a preparation, as any painter's or sculptor's work." - Florence Nightingale

I have been blessed with the knowledge and skill sin order to uphold this quotation, spoken from the mouth of a very revolutionary woman.  Nursing is my chosen career, a career I feel like God is directing me toward.

Throughout my journey in nursing school, I struggled with the emotional stress of not being able to share my successes with my father, who was killed when I was eleven; he was also a nurse.  He was shot here in Charleston by the victim of a motor vehicle accident he was trying to assist.  It was a traumatic experience, but I grew from it and I survived.

My journey to this chapter of my life was not easy, but I made it!  I could not have done it by myself, physically, mentally, even financially.  The Kids' Chance Scholarship allowed me to fulfill my dream and honor my father's memory.  I am grateful for the monetary assistance provided by this organization and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Maria Pirraglia
Graduate - USC Upstate



To everyone on the board at Kids' Chance, thank you so much for choosing me to receive the Kids' Chance Scholarship.  Without the financial help, I don't know how my dad would be able to afford for me to go to college.  Everyone on the board was so nice and welcoming and I would love to give back to Kids' Chance in any way that I can.  I understand that many events are held throughout the year to raise money for scholarships.  I would be more than happy to attend these or help do anything else to help prepare for them.  Without such great people like you, many people would not be able to go to college and fulfill their dreams.  Every time I talk about college, Kids' Chance comes up and I have to tell everyone about this great organization and how they are helping me to fulfill my dream.  Thank you so much for everything and I am looking forward to helping out in any way possible.

Taylor Hancock
Senior - Winthrop University


To the wonderful people at Kids' Chance, thank you tremendously for the scholarship you recently provided me with in January.  I am so grateful for a program like Kids' Chance.  It has really helped our family through this tough time.

God has really been working and showing out!  I thank Him everyday for people like Kids' Chance who really are giving kids a chance.  You are all angels!  Thank you again!

Anna JoLynn Miller
Senior - USC Upstate


Our family wanted to take the time to let you know how truly appreciative we are for Molly being awarded the Kids' Chance Scholarship!  First of all, we feel blessed by God in so many ways...we are blessed that Molly's dad's life was spared when he was injured.  We are blessed that he was able to be a huge part of her life as she was growing up.  Now, we feel so blessed that this scholarship opportunity was made available to Molly.  She has worked very hard during her school career and has been blessed with many caring individuals in her life.  We all thank you for making the financial responsibility for her college life lighter for our family.  Thank you to each individual who has made this possible for Molly...May God continue to bless you all and your organization!

The Parents and Family of Molly G. Mintz
Sophomore - Gardner-Webb University


I am writing this letter to extend a very sincere "thank you" to your organization, staff and all those who make Kids' Chance possible.  Your organization helped fun my college education at Francis Marion University, and for that, I am forever grateful.

After my mother's injury in November of 2000, I wasn't certain funds would be available for me to pursue a college degree.  Thankfully, someone mentioned Kids' Chance and a door of opportunity opened.  Through the generosity of your scholarship, I was able to receive two Bachelor's of Arts degrees (Public Relations and Theatre Arts) in my time at Francis Marion University.

I have grown so much since I fist met with your Board of Directors.  I am more appreciative, more mature and, thanks to Kids' Chance, more educated.  I firmly believe a college education helps develop first-class citizens.  Your organization has given me, along with many other hopeful students, the opportunity to achieve higher education.

When I am able, I plan on giving back to Kids' Chance so that others may also benefit in your generosity.  On behalf of my family and me, thank you again for everything.  May God bless each and every one of you.

Matthew Baker
Graduate - Francis Marion University

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